We Love Our Moms at Bay Creek

April 29th, 2019 by Wade Adler

We know, we know… ‘love thy mother’ isn’t just a Bay Creek thing. It’s utterly and timelessly universal. And oh, how we do love our mothers!

Sweet, strict, silly, serious, great cooks or great reservation makers—there are as many different kinds of ’Mom’ as there are stars in the sky. And whether your mother is or was a warm and gracious Eastern Shore lady, a no-nonsense go-getter from up North or a strong Southern belle, she likely had a big part in making you who you are today.

With Mother’s Day a short few weeks away, we thought we’d pay tribute to a few of the ‘special qualities’ of the moms we here at Bay Creek love.

We salute:
Over-protection! Moms who take their kids or grandkids to the beach or pool at Bay Creek know all the benefits of sunscreen, and are likely packing SPF 45 or greater. To these moms, thank you for your diligence, striving to slather SPF over every square inch of your kid.
We remember:
The stylish and hip moms of the 1960’s and 70s who shared the ‘perfect tan’ secret of baby oil with their teenage daughters. Sizzlin’!

We salute:
The special smell of mom that always makes you think of them—whether it’s her clothes, her favorite organic lavender hand soap, her leather purse or her ‘Under-eye Mango Miracle’ from Sephora.
We remember:
The smell of mom getting ready for a Ladies Tea or Garden Club meeting: Estee Lauder ‘Youth Dew’ and AquaNet hairspray—LOTS of it;
The smell of mom on Sunday morning pre-dawn—the roast in the oven and the vegetables in the pressure cooker (with a chunk of bacon…for flavor).
The smell of mom cleaning the entire WORLD inside and out—fresh cut grass, white vinegar, spray starch, PineSol and ‘perspiration’ (not sweat).

We salute:
The Bay Creek moms and grandmas who take their kids to the practice green; who aren’t afraid to ‘overdo it’ on the tennis court if it helps their kids learn how to return a fast ball; who don’t mind getting splashed, dunked and and otherwise drenched at the pool; who walk their kids and grandkids on the Bay beach to see what treasures the tide may have left; who take their kids exploring on the golf cart…the wind in their hair and the whole world before them!
We remember:
Moms who stayed up late finishing our costumes for the school play (no matter if you were ‘George Washington’ or a tree); moms who took us to piano/violin/saxophone(insert dreaded lesson here) to ‘expand our horizons’; moms who tasted our first cooking creations without wincing; moms who taught us to drive and ‘keep it between the lines’ figuratively and literally.

We salute:
All of the mothers present and past. You taught us well. You helped us become good people and made us who we are today.
We remember:
As we get misty-eyed thinking back on all the good times, the years gone by and everything our moms have meant to us, we are realizing there’s a lovely second meaning to that old favorite warning we all heard our moms say, “I’ll give you something to cry about…”

Thanks, Moms everywhere, for the memories… and the happy tears.

The Bay Creek Family

Looking for a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12? Let us give you a little motherly advice: Enjoy Sunday Brunch at the Coach House Tavern. Our brunch is a great offering of morning comfort food, hearty selections and light, fresh fare. Just to name a few items: loaded breakfast quesadilla, pecan pancakes, quiche, fruit and yogurt parfait… and no dishes to clean up! Plus, there’s the great view—enjoy time with family and friends while you look out on the wide rolling hills of Bay Creek Golf.

Reservations are recommended, especially for larger groups. 757.331.8630

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