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Something Fresh and New Is Catching On In Cape Charles

June 25th, 2019 by Wade Adler

Like most our Eastern Shore neighbors, we at Bay Creek savor the bounty that our local waters provide. And, of course, it’s best when it’s fresh. We’re excited to announce that Cape Charles has a new business whose passion for ‘fresh’ and ‘local’ is serious business…

Dinkum’s Seafood opened June 15th and the deliveries of fresh to-your-door seafood began immediately. In their own words, you’ll get “Only true fresh seafood, sourced mainly from local purveyors at fair and honest prices delivered to your door” from Dinkum’s Seafood.

If you love fresh seafood, you’ll love what they’re doing at Dinkum’s.

Here’s why:
Variety & Freshness
Dinkum’s provides fresh locally caught seafood (in most cases caught that day by local watermen) from the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy Local Hard Crabs, Local Live Soft Crabs, Local Crab Meat, Local Oysters, Local Clams, Local Flounder, Local Spade Fish —are you noticing the local theme here? No wonder their motto is “Off the boat, to your door—it’s that fast!”

Service & Simplicity
You order your favorite fresh fare. They text you when your order is on the way. They text you again when it’s delivered to the location—and door—of your choice. How very lovely! We’re kind of thinking of their effortless delivery service as ‘white glove meets fisherman’s glove.’
(If you’re already itching to order mid-article, we don’t blame you. Go ahead and click to and have at it!)

At the time of this writing, Dinkum’s Seafood has been officially open for about two weeks, but you could say this business has actually been a lifetime in the making. Owner and proprietor of Dinkum’s Seafood, William Dize, or Smitty, as he’s known, started out in his hometown of Smith Island, Maryland operating his first crab boat at just 14 years old. In the following years, he honed his skills helping out with his family’s soft shell crab business.

Fresh, local seafood has always been important to Dize whose years as a Merchant Marine, and serving as Cape Charles Harbormaster kept him involved with the water. Now he’s enjoying operating Dinkum’s Seafood to bring Cape Charles residents all the local waters have to offer. Dinkum’s also offers regional selections. Smitty Dize’s years of travel as a merchant marine allowed him to forge friendships with folks all over the east coast and Gulf of Mexico, many of whom now supply his business with fresh Maine lobster, Carolina shrimp or Louisiana crawfish. It’s all fresh-caught, never frozen.

People who know Dize know he has a lot of ‘hooks in the water’ as an active member of the Cape Charles community and now with Dinkum’s taking off. Dize says he’s looking forward to having even more opportunity to serve his friends and neighbors in this new endeavor. Dinkum’s Seafood is a creation of Bounties of the Bay, LLC, which was founded by Smitty Dize and partner, Beth Davis, both Cape Charles residents.

William “Billy Dize, aka Dinkum

Wondering what the ‘Dinkum’s’ name is all about? So were we. Smitty Dize tells us that his father, William ‘Billy’ Dize, earned the nickname ‘Dinkum’ long ago. So naturally, as his father’s son, Smitty was called ‘Dinkum, Jr.’ He explains that his father told him, “Your name is as you make it.” Smitty Dize says he has lived his whole life with that in mind. It happens that the word ‘dinkum’ means ‘fair, honest and true’ in the Australian culture. Dize says these are the principles that continue to guide him as he begins his new adventure with Dinkum’s Seafood. We’re looking forward to getting hooked on all the fresh fare Dinkum’s offers as our sizzling Cape Charles summer kicks off!

Feeling like some fresh seafood? Here’s how to get it:
Dinkum’s Seafood (order here, plus, see what they’re offering now, pricing, delivery areas and more). Or, simply email them at

The entire team at Bay Creek welcomes Dinkum’s Seafood to the community—just in time for a sensational summer!

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