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Our First Ever Pickleball Weekend Was Huge Fun!

June 25th, 2019 by Wade Adler

Our active Bay Creek members have been enjoying a lot of great fun this season—first with tennis and most recently, with an action-packed Pickleball weekend.

With Pickleball gaining popularity at an amazing rate of speed, it’s no wonder our first ever Pickleball weekend was well attended and hugely successful.

The extravaganza that took place June 14-16 was incredible! Eighteen eager players took to the Bay Creek courts—some beginners who needed to learn the basics, and seasoned players who were looking to advance and polish their technique. The dynamic Tomas Gonzalez, Director of Racquet Sport at Kingsmill Resort, shared his talents with the players on this exciting weekend. With such an amazing turnout, Gonzalez deftly moved from one skill level of player to another, giving everyone great advice, things to work on and, of course, great memories. What’s it like to learn from a pro who has played all over the world? Katie Gerecke, active member of the Bay Creek tennis club puts it this way, “Tomas has a passion for Pickleball. It was amazing how he worked with the participating Pickleball players, no matter their level of play. He has a long track record of huge successes on the court and he really shared that energy with them.”

It was truly a weekend for everyone—our new players gained confidence in an inspiring, no-judgement environment and our advanced players left with great technique advice and goals to work toward. There was also a social hosted by Bay Creek’s own Linda Buskey where friends and neighbors who attended the weekend were able to connect, kick back and celebrate the event.

With Bay Creek’s inaugural Pickleball weekend such a great success, we’re already making plans for another in the future. So stay tuned!

Our Bay Creek tennis season is just getting started!
Check out what excitement will be hitting the courts next…


July 4-7 Tennis: It’s coming soon and it’s going to be incredible…enjoy an action packed weekend on the courts with the ever-inspiring Monica Sgritta, Assistant Coach at Randolph-Macon College. This weekend is not to be missed! Tennis players of all levels will enjoy clinics on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during one of the most exciting weekends of summer in Cape Charles. Monica’s drills have been a favorite among our Bay Creek Tennis Club and this weekend will be another one-of-a-kind opportunity to really up your game with an acclaimed pro. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join the weekend fun. Special thanks to all who worked so diligently to bring Monica Sgritta to Bay Creek—what an opportunity for our players!

August 16-18 This is a big one… we are beyond excited to bring in Houston Barrick, Head Coach of the University of Richmond Spiders for this exciting weekend! Barrick spent five seasons as Associate Head Coach at VCU before taking the Head Coach position at University of Richmond. He is known for his dynamic personality and boundless energy on the courts, making him an exceptional instructor. Because of his effectiveness, reputation and popularity, he is in high demand. We’re glad to be able to host Mr. Barrick and offer our Bay Creek players access to him.

Houston Barrick will be leading clinics for players of all levels and contributing his expertise to an exciting tennis weekend here at Bay Creek. Get in on this one—it will be a weekend to remember.

The Bay Creek Tennis and Pickleball Scene is Growing!
We’re excited to see our ranks swelling and new people joining us for special weekends. If you love tennis, pickleball or just think you might want to try it out, contact us and take part in our everyone-is-welcome, all skill level groups. We’d love to have you.

There’s so much excitement on our courts this summer—why not join us for the fun?

Contact Katie Gerecke for more information about specific upcoming court events or the Tennis Club at Bay Creek.

Katie Gerecke

Bay Creek