New Neighbor Spotlight: Two New Bayside Village Owners Discover a ‘Kid Connection’

July 25th, 2019 by Wade Adler

Silas and Harrison have been friends for a good portion of their lives—a whole year. When the duo graduated Kindergarten together this June, they already knew they’d bump into one another over the summer at their hometown pool in Richmond. They also knew their grandparents—who are yet unacquainted— would probably meet each other soon.

They say little pitchers have big ears. Silas, six-year-old grandson of Jim and Nancy Turner, and Harrison, grandson of Pam and Jed Lafferty, had been listening intently to family talk about their grandparents’ future move to a place called Bay Creek.

But neither the Turners nor the Laffertys were aware of the connection when they decided to retire here.

The Laffertys’ daughter, Katelyn, was the first to hear of the ‘grandma connection’ by way of her son, Harrison. Pam remembers, “Harrison knew we were moving to Bay Creek. And he kept telling his mom that his friend Silas’ grandparents were going to move there, too.”

It wasn’t until Katelyn connected with Silas’ parents that they all realized the two boys had been sharing stories about their grandparents moving to a totally cool place with a beach, a pool and golf carts called Bay Creek.

We spoke with Nancy Turner and Pam Lafferty about their upcoming moves to Bayside Village and their grandsons’ impressive observation and listening skills. While future neighbors, Nancy and Pam, haven’t yet met one another, they look forward to doing so in the future. After all, any grandma of buddies like Silas and Harrison has to be pretty great, right?

The Turners’ Road to Bayside Village
Nancy and her husband, Jim, discovered Bay Creek when their son, Robbie and his wife, Annie, rented a home in Cape Charles’ historic district for a family vacation their children, Silas, Theo and Libby. “Our son suggested to us that we might want to relocate here,” recalls Nancy. “We weren’t sure it was for us. We just didn’t think we could do a historic restoration.”

But the Turners soon found another option. “We started to look around beyond the historic district and we found Bay Creek. Shanna Colls gave us a tour. We liked it. It was beautiful but it was so much like our current neighborhood in Charlottesville. It could have been our neighborhood just picked up and moved to Cape Charles,” laughs Nancy.

“Then Shanna showed us the beach area. We decided if we were going to relocate, we wanted a beach-style house and Bayside Village was certainly that,” Nancy explains. “There weren’t a lot of existing homes for sale there so we would have to build which is something we had never done before.”

The Turners met Mary-Dolph Simpson during their Bay Creek visit. Mary-Dolph, the owner and president of Simpson Builders, and the builder of many a Bayside Village home, quickly made them feel comfortable and excited about the process.

“We knew if we were going to be building a home long distance, we needed someone we could trust. After we met Mary-Dolph, we were sold,” says Nancy.

As for their dream home, there’s a lot for the Turners to be excited about. “My husband is a boater so we’re building an extra-large garage for the boat,” says Nancy. “And porches. We’re adding a lot of porches.”

Nancy says the porches will be plentiful because they don’t want to have any regrets when the home is done. With the gorgeous views of Bayside Village, we have to agree—you really can’t have too many porches here.

The Turners also appreciate that Cape Charles is less than four hours from their hometown of Charlottesville and not even three hours to Richmond (home of their grandson Silas and his parents).

“We love the beach club at Bay Creek. And we really love the town of Cape Charles, too. Everyone has been so welcoming, warm and friendly,” explains Nancy.

Jim and Nancy Turner broke ground on their new Bayside Village home in May and anticipate a spring 2020 move-in.

The Laffertys’ Unlikely Retirement Spot
“We never considered retiring to Virginia,” says Pam Lafferty, who currently resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Jed. When their daughter, Katelyn, mentioned Cape Charles as a possible retirement spot, the couple weren’t exactly on the same page.

“My husband wasn’t really on board with Cape Charles,” Pam remembers, laughing. “He was a Delaware guy. We both liked Rehoboth but it’s difficult to find a property in the town.”

Jed set up a Discovery Weekend visit to Bay Creek last September, as Pam recalls chuckling, “because he knew I wasn’t going to let it go.”

Surprisingly, as Pam remembers it, Jed Lafferty liked what he saw in Cape Charles.

“We visited again in February because we wanted to see what the town was like in the winter. We were delighted to find Kelly’s packed with local residents, and enjoyed wonderful live music at the Distillery,” shares Pam. In March, with Shanna Colls’ help, the Laffertys purchased Lot 17 on Cassatt Knoll in Bayside Village. Then they planned a summer vacation at Bay Creek to get to know the town and Bay Creek even better. “Little did we know that the house we rented would be right across the street from the Turners’ homesite!” says Pam. “In April, we settled on the lot, met Mary-Dolph Simpson, and began our journey to becoming permanent Bay Creek residents.”

When they returned to Bay Creek for their vacation a few weeks ago, they weren’t alone.
Their son, John, along with their daughter, Katelyn, her husband, Jeff, and their children, Madeline, 9, and Harrison accompanied them. Harrison’s sister, Madeline, particularly liked the slide at the Beach Club. Pam and Jed enjoyed the time with family at Bay Creek, and Harrison had a must-do on his list.

“Brown Dog Ice Cream was the first place we had to go,” says Pam. Swapping stories about Brown Dog is apparently how Harrison and his friend, Silas, first made the connection that they both had family looking at Cape Charles. “Ice cream is very important when you’re six,” Pam says with a laugh. “We took Harrison and Madeline to Brown Dog many times during our stay!”

The Laffertys’ new home will be ready to move in sometime next summer and they’re looking forward to the lifestyle Bay Creek and Bayside Village will offer.

“We’re both very interested in pickleball,” Pam admits. “We’re looking forward to being able to play often.”

Pam and Jed have already met many residents of Bayside Village and are excited about the adventure that awaits them in their new home.

They’re also looking forward to putting a face with a name—Silas’ grandparents, Nancy and Jim Turner, will be just a few doors down once both families have moved in to Bayside Village next year.

If the dynamic duo, Silas and Harrison, are any indication, we have no doubt the Turners and Laffertys will make great neighbors.

All of us here at Bay Creek are pleased to welcome the Turners and Laffertys to Cape Charles and to our Bay Creek family.

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