Exploring the Possibilities: A home with lots of extras —and room for family—take shape in Bay Creek. - Bay Creek

Exploring the Possibilities: A home with lots of extras —and room for family—take shape in Bay Creek.

May 29th, 2019 by Wade Adler

Brent and Kim Geissinger of Virginia Beach (by way of Connecticut and Delaware) are no strangers to exploring a new place. So when they first visited Cape Charles for a getaway, staying in a villa at the Oyster Farm, they rented bikes and explored the colorful shops, streets and waterfront of Cape Charles. And like many folks who visit and come to love Cape Charles, they decided to become residents, moving into a historic craftsman home on Tazewell Avenue.

Living and exploring downtown was wonderful but it wasn’t long until they were ready to go further afield. They began exploring beyond the downtown district, this time by golf cart. And when they found themselves just over the infamous ‘hump’ and at the gates of Bay Creek, they decided to take a tour.

The meandering, tree lined Bay Creek roads led them to the Bayfront. And here they began another chapter in their Cape Charles adventure.

There’s a lot to like about Bay Creek, the obvious things, like the waterfront and the amenities. But Bay Creek had an additional draw for Brent and Kim.

We spoke with Brent and Kim about their new homesite in Bayside Village, the design and building process, and what comes next now that they have broken ground.

“We liked that it was easy to get into town from Bay Creek,” explains Kim. Indeed, the community they originally discovered via golf cart is close to everything they love about Cape Charles. And while Bay Creek’s waterfront, views and golf are certainly a benefit, the Geissingers were attracted for different reasons, too.

“We have six adult children,” says Brent.

“And no grandchildren–yet,” laughs Kim. “So we’re looking forward to having a lot of room in the new home for our kids to visit,” she adds.

Their in-progress Bayfront home which will offer ample room for family, along with inspiring views of the Bay, has been several years in the planning. They selected Mary-Dolph and Howard Simpson of Simpson Builders to build their new home. Designed in concert with acclaimed architect, Jeremy Sommers of Norfolk, the Geissingers’ new home will be just what they wanted, by design.

Geissinger Home Ground Breaking

“We knew what we wanted, and had a basic layout,” remembers Brent. Builder/Designer, Mary-Dolph Simpson has many Bay Creek homes in her portfolio and is helping create a home that will fulfill Brent and Kim’s wishes and will blend seamlessly into the grand but gracious Eastern Shore Bayfront style of the homes in the neighborhood.

And while the Geissinger’s new home-base will certainly complement the beautiful homes it joins on the Bayfront—with its lovely beach/bay architectural style, a two and a half car garage with room for their golf cart— there are quite a few features and extras that will put this home in a category unto itself.

We asked about some of the features they were looking forward to most.

“We have become very accustomed to swimming in the pool at the Cavalier Hotel,” says Brent. The Geissingers own a Bungalow at The Cavalier Residences in Virginia Beach which affords them access to all of the hotel amenities. “We’re hooked on our morning swim. We’re adding an indoor pool to our new home so we can keep enjoying year-round swimming.”

“We’re also putting in antique hardwood floors,” explains Kim.

When it comes to this soon-to-be Bayfront beauty, the fantastic features and extra details span from below ground to the very top: “We will be installing a geothermal HVAC system,” explains Brent. “And we’re especially looking forward to our master bedroom and office, which will be the entire third floor,” he says.

Anyone who has ever visited the Bayfront at Bay Creek is likely imagining the vastness of the sparkling water views the Geissingers will be looking out on when their home is complete.

The Geissingers are looking ahead, too. They and their visiting adult children will certainly enjoy the beach, the Beach Club, and Brent is looking forward to a round of golf at some point in his future.

As they draw closer to completion of their new home in the next year, we’re sure Brent and Kim will be looking forward to welcoming their six children–and any other future family members—for a first visit to the new home place on the Bay.

Welcome, Brent and Kim to Bay Creek. We wish you happy building and look forward to move-in day!

~ The Bay Creek Team

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