Presenting the 2019 Guppie Challenge Winners

July 25th, 2019 by Wade Adler

One of the most action-packed months of summer is nearly done and we’re already loving the memories we made this July. Last month, we introduced you to the July Fourth ‘Guppie Challenge’ Kids Fishing Tournament and now we’re excited to announce this year’s winners.

First, let’s just say, this annual favorite was absolutely packed, once again. Children and their families came to the Cape Charles pier to enjoy the fishing, fun and of course, to ‘go for the win.’ The fine people from New Roots Youth Garden along with countless community volunteers went above and beyond to give the kids memories that will last a lifetime. The event had 84 kids participating this year and, with family, friends and volunteers, there were over 200 people down on the fishing pier!

As you can see from the photos, the Guppie Challenge is a BIG deal! Special thanks to New Roots Youth Garden for all their efforts putting on this whale of an event. The proceeds benefit New Roots Youth Garden’s worthy mission of helping local youth to “develop personal growth, environmental stewardship, healthy lifestyles, social skills and awareness, community spirit, business proficiency, and the joy and satisfaction of meaningful work.”

We know it’s only August but we’re sure there are many young fishermen (and their families!) who are already dreaming about next year’s Guppie Challenge and perhaps about catching the one that got away.

Audrey C. – Winner 7&Under

Without further ado, the winners of the 2019 Guppie Challenge are:
Winner, 7 & Under – Audrey C. (Age 7) (total of 44.5 inches)
Winner, 8 -12 – Julie C. (Age 10) (total of 44 inches)
Winner, 13 – 15 – Bryant N. (Age 13) (total of 37.5 inches)

Grand Guppie Champion – Sofia C. (Age 11) (59 inches—wow!!!)

Congratulations to all of these hard working young fishermen!

Thanks again to New Roots Youth Garden, the town of Cape Charles, Solstice Environmental, LLC, the Cape Charles Rotary Club, and a host of other local businesses and residents for putting on another great Guppie Challenge!

For more information about New Roots Youth Garden and their exciting work, visit
or go to

New Roots Youth Garden Mission:
To provide a safe, magical environment outside the classroom where kids can learn, grown and participate actively in their community health. But it’s more than kids learning that they can provide themselves and their families with healthy food. Teaching a child to invest in a seed, care for it until it sprouts, learning how to listen to what it needs without relying on a single sense of hearing…and then to harvest fruit or vegetables that they saw go from a tiny seed to a delicious tomato is an exceptionally powerful metaphor. And the fact that it simply wouldn’t be possible without a wonderful network of different folks from different strokes; each person brings a unique flavor and knowledge to the Garden, making it the an incredibly accepting place for young and old. The Garden doesn’t just teach kids how to get fit, eat better, grow plants…it teaches children that their community is sacred, and we all have a place in the great garden of Life.

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