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50 years of LOVE: This year, Virginia is Celebrating a Half Century of LOVE.

April 25th, 2019 by Wade Adler

You’ve heard it, you’ve lived it, you’ve probably seen the bumper sticker…

“Virginia is For Lovers.”

This beloved and instantly recognized slogan is celebrating an exciting milestone this year—the 50th anniversary of its creation!

“The first ad that ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ appeared in was in Brides Magazine, so the original feeling and spirit behind it was that it was for lovers,” Caroline Logan at Virginia Tourism tells WTOP’s Jeff Clabaugh. The ad depicted what was supposed to be ‘the very first honeymoon in Virginia,’

The Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) puts it this way, “While it has meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people, one thing hasn’t changed – the LOVE.”

We certainly agree. This year, the State of Virginia is officially celebrating 50 Years of Love with special experiences across the state. Towns across the state are participating, too with events, programs and special offerings – that will last for 50 days. We at Bay Creek are excited for a great year of LOVE-filled excitement here on the Eastern Shore.

And rest assured, the Eastern Shore and our hometown
of Cape Charles are raring to go!

Already in the swing of things, Cape Charles Main Street, Inc. is presenting the Cape Charles Main Street LOVE Run this weekend (April 27th) in downtown Cape Charles to raise money for the Cape Charles LOVE sign maintenance fund. Though not an ‘official’ 50 Years of LOVE event, it certainly does dovetail nicely!

Other plans and events for Cape Charles during this our ‘50 Years of LOVE’ celebration year are in the works. We can’t wait to hear about the fun that lies ahead, and we’ll update you when Cape Charles Main Street, Inc. unveils their official line-up of events and activities, in the coming days.

Active participant in the Cape Charles Main Street organization and Bay Creek resident, Patsy Harris, is excited about the 50 Years of LOVE campaign. “I have lived here for a number of years and the spirit of community in Cape Charles is the perfect embodiment of ‘Virginia is for Lovers.’ We love our neighbors; we love the unique flavor of Cape Charles and we love living on the Eastern Shore.”

The whole state will be celebrating and the Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Commission is also unveiling some great activities, too, to commemorate the LOVE slogan, thanks in part to a generous grant by the VTC.
They’ll be launching “50 Days to Explore the Shore,” a scavenger hunt that leads participants through the Eastern Shore, where they can discover some of the Shore’s hidden secrets, especially when they leave Route 13! We’re definitely liking the sound of this as we know our Cape Charles area specializes in unexpected treasures and delights.

To say there will be a lot going on is an understatement: there will be festivals and events, plus museums, businesses and attractions across the Eastern Shore will be participating in the 50 Days to Explore the Shore campaign, which will run from October 1- November 19. Stay tuned for more details about this intriguing event as it approaches.

First time the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” was used in advertisement. Modern Bride, March, 1969 and Bride’s Magazine, July, 1969.

Did you know? “Virginia is for Lovers” is the longest-running tourism slogan in the country. Yes, it’s even been around longer than “I ‘Heart’ NY.”

As you enjoy the LOVE events and fun, don’t forget to use the 50 Years of Love hashtags (too bad they didn’t have hashtags in 1969!) #visitesva, #loveesva and #sharewhatyoulove. The LOVE celebrations are focused on capturing the essence of Virginia’s Eastern Shore and we look forward to all the fun that is to come!

Dear Virginia,

We love you. Deeply. Truly. Endlessly. It may sound forward but it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We love everything about you. Your vast and varied shores, your people and places, even the way you tease us with warm days in the spring one moment, only to give us the cold shoulder the next. We like your sense of humor. Your summer days. We love your taste in wine, art and culture. We like the way your Bay sparkles when the sun hits it in the morning. We love the way you laugh, we love your dimples and your rolling hills. We like the way your gorgeous waterways bring out the blue in your skies.

True, you’re not as young as you once were. There’s a lot of history in this relationship. We know we’re not the only people who call you our own. Someone as great as you belongs to the world, yet somehow you still make us feel like we’re your only one. Sure, we’ve visited another state or two in the past. But there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than right here with you.
Here’s to another 243 years, you gorgeous state, you. And another 50 years of ‘Virginia is for Lovers.’


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