Building Your New Adventure

You came to Bay Creek to escape the crowds and clamor of the world you left behind. You came to embrace the tranquility of Virginia’s enchanted Eastern Shore and the natural splendor of the Chesapeake Bay. You most certainly did not come in search of more stress and anxiety.

That’s exactly why we created the Bay Creek Builders Guild. We recognized that building the home of your dreams is too often a stressful, complicated, and time-consuming ordeal. We set out to redefine the whole process, making it as easy, uncomplicated and customer-friendly as possible.

The Bay Creek Builders Guild is a carefully selected team of four of the most qualified, trusted and reliable home builders in Virginia’s Eastern Shore and Tidewater region. Their homes can be found throughout the community, compelling proof of their commitment to the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

The members of our Builders Guild are our trusted partners in achieving the Bay Creek vision. They are every bit as committed as we are to creating one of the country’s foremost coastal communities. We invite you to discover the timeless architecture and enduring artistry of their work on your next visit to Bay Creek.

The Bay Creek team includes:
Gateway Builders
Kellam Construction
LR Hill Custom Builders

Schneider Custom Builders
Simpson Builders